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How can we as animal advocates best help nonhuman animals?

This is a question that gets thrown around and debated passionately among those who care deeply about animals. Many fall within different “camps,” claiming that their particular approach is more “effective” despite a lack of any meaningful or peer-reviewed scientific study. Often, claims of effectiveness are not grounded in any particular theory of behavioral change and may actually run counter to the clinical and scientific literatures about how change occurs for other behaviors. Motivational Methods for Vegan Advocacy applies principles and methods from the field of clinical psychology to enhance the potential impact of the animal advocacy efforts of individuals and groups. This work is based on the premise that animal advocates are the change-makers and will help determine whether this movement succeeds or fails. Fortunately, there are tried and tested models and strategies that have been shown to help create true, internal, long-standing behavioral change for a range of problem behaviors that include unnecessary violence. Dr. Casey Taft discusses these methods and illustrates how they can best be applied in preventing the needless harm inflicted upon animals.

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