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These Boutique Vegan Quick Filter Icons are designed to make your life easier and help you find your favourite products in an instant! When browsing through the products in the shop, simply activate your filter criteria by clicking on the quick filter icons on the right side of your browser. To deactivate the your filter criteria simply deactivate the icon.Find out what these icons mean below!




All products in this shop are 100% vegan, meaning without any animal ingredients, animal components, components of animal origin and animal by-products in the product or used in the manufacturing process. Most of the products carry vegan certifications, such as the Vegan Society Trademark, Vegan Action Label or V-Label (added vegan).


gluten free

These products do not contain ingredients or derivatives of wheat (kamut, spelt) barley, rye and related products. Gluten is the protein component of these grains. All products with seitan, a meat alternative based on gluten, should also be avoided.


The icon found on most of the products in this shop signifies that the product is made from certified organic ingredients and contains no harmful pesticides, herbicides or any GMOs. Organic agriculture sustains the health of the soil, the ecosystem and people and promotes crop diversity. Boutique Vegan strictly rejects all forms of genetically modified plants, hence all products must comply with a 100% free from GMO policy. 


These products do not contain ingredients or derivatives of the soy plant.
Please note that this does not mean the product is 100% free of traces of soy, as products including soy may be manufactured in the same facility. People with allergies should consider the individual product description of each item for more information.

fair trade

Products considered fair-trade are products that meet certain environmental, labour and developmental standards, overseen and certified by an official certification body.  A company's commitment towards fair trade contributes to a sustainable development, fair trading conditions and wages for local farmers, and involvement in raising awareness on environmental stewardship for future generations. Many companies also have guaranteed purchase agreements with their contracted farmers to ensure a long-lasting, transparent relationship and secured income for the local farmers, as well as creating a mutual beneficial cooperation improving lives and the quality of the product.


The products marked raw are suitable for a raw food diet, meaning the products and ingredients have not been cooked, processed or heated above 42°C. Not heating the food above this temperature ensures that the active enzymes are not destroyed and the nutritional value of the food is retained. Almost all of these products are from certified organic farming or harvested in the wild. 


Products and product packaging  which is made of post-consumer recyclate is an effective way of reusing resources wisely and reducing the impact on the environment through pollution, reducing resource depletion and is considered part of a sustainable manufacturing process. 
biologisch abbaubar


A substance is defined as biodegradable if more than 60% of it is broken down into simpler chemicals within 28 days by living organisms generally found within the environment. A substance is non-persistent if it is capable of decomposing rapidly under natural conditions. We choose our raw materials carefully and only use ingredients known to be non-toxic to organisms that live in water. 


A product, brand and company is marked with this icon to show that they are mindful of reducing their environmental footprint through careful use of resources, implementing sustainable manufacturing procedures, using earth friendly materials and ingredients, contributing to green living practices and minimizing or eliminating air, water and land pollution. It is essential that these products keep both environmental, wildlife and human safety in mind. Many of these companies actively engage in certified conservation programs.
unsere Favoriten

our favorites

All products in this shop have been chosen with utmost care, meaning we have analysed every product, took our time in getting to know the company and their policies, tested and tasted the product and made sure all of these aspects meet our quality requirements. We love all our products and hope that you do too! But of course, there are always certain unique items that are extra tasty, especially effective and going the extra mile in sustainability and ethics. That is why we would like to show you how much we love them!

nut free

These products do not contain ingredients or derivatives of tree nuts.
Please note that this does not mean the product is 100% free of traces of nuts, as products including nuts may be manufactured in the same facility. People with allergies should consider the individual product description of each item for more information.

cruelty free

It is of utmost importance to us, that all products are cruelty free, which means conform to a strict no animal testing policy, in addition to containing no animal product of any kind. We do not carry brands that are retailing in China, that have been acquired by a parent company who tests on animals, or who contract suppliers to conduct animal testing on their behalf.
Most of the products carry either certified vegan trademarks or the Leaping Bunny trademark, One Voice trademark, “Cruelty Free” Logo, etc.

cool ware

We carry a selection of products which require storage temperatures below 7°C. All of these products require special care while shipping, especially during warmer summer months, in order for the products to arrive in a good condition and adequate temperature. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to add the chilled delivery option to your order which can ensure your products to arrive safely.
ohne Zuckerzusatz

no added sugar

The products marked with this icon are free of added sugars and contain only the natural sugars found in the ingredients used.
ohne Palmöl

without palm oil

If you are looking for palm oil free products you can easily find them with this filter icon. Products carrying this icon do not contain palm oil as an ingredient nor derivatives of palm oil.
Although our manufacturers make sure to source certified sustainable palm oil, we try to minimize the amount of products containing palm oil in our shop. Due to international campaigns to inform about the impact and consequences of increased industrial palm oil consumption, consumers and manufacturers are both more sensitive about this topic. Hence, you can easily exclude products containing palm oil with this icon.


Many of our manufacturers support great social causes through projects, organizations, campaigns and social institutions. By purchasing products of these companies it is so simple to support such great projects and improve the lives of many across the globe!
You can read more about each individual project in the product descriptions or the companies’ profiles.
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