Managing your customer account

Do I need a customer account to place an order?

Orders can only be placed if you have successfully registered an account under "Register now".

How do I register?

You can register a customer account quick and easy on our homepage. Click on "Register now", fill in the registration form, confirm with "Continue" and enjoy immediately great benefits.

How do I update and change my personal details?

That's simple. Log in to your "customer account" with your email address and password.  On the dashboard you’ll be able to choose whether you want to change your personal profile data, preferred payment method or billing address or add a different shipping address.

How do I register a business account?

The registration of your personal boutique vegan business customer account is free of charge and non-committal. We are already working with many great B2B customers (Business-to-Business) from different industries with increasing tendency.

Please visit our "B2B-business customer area" and click on "Register now". Fill in the registration form and confirm with "Continue". After checking your details, we will activate your business customer account as soon as possible and inform you about the activation by email, so you can benefit from our attractive B2B customer prices within the shortest possible time.

What is the advantage of adding an address suffix?

Detailed information is very helpful to ensure that you receive your parcel as quickly as possible and that our courier delivery partners can guarantee a smooth parcel delivery. Therefore, please complete your personal details with any additional information such as your landline telephone and/or mobile phone number, apartment, suite, unit, building, floor, P.O. box, c/o, packing station number and name on mailbox etc. If there is not enough space for this additional information in your customer account, you can leave a comment in your order in the designated field.


Browsing the boutique vegan range

Are all products vegan in the boutique vegan online shop?

All products in our shop are 100% vegan - that means they do not contain ingredients, derivatives nor additives from animal origin and have not been tested on animals. Most products are certified vegan and include the Vegan Society flower logo, the Vegan Action logo or the V-label.

Are all products in the boutique vegan online shop certified organic?

The majority of our product range is certified organic and contains ingredients from controlled organic farming. You can spot organic products by the small asterisk (*) in their product title. In addition, we use our own "organic" icon for all products that contain at least 70%  ingredients from controlled organic farming. These are also free of harmful pesticides, herbicides or genetic manipulation. Use the filter symbol "organic" to limit the display to products in best organic quality.

Why does boutique vegan sell products containing palm oil?

We only list a few products containing palm oil and try to keep the number of products containing palm oil as low as possible as we care about animals and are aware that the palm oil industry has impacted on wild orangutan habitat. Our partners, who use palm oil in their production, operate sustainably and source it from certified, sustainable plantations. They want their products to convince by both taste and functionality. SOme of our suppliers have just not yet been able to find a suitable alternative ingredient that meets the desired quality.

However, we always encourage our partners to find suitable alternatives and trust that they will replace palm oil once they have found an alternative ingredient. At the same time, we regularly look for similar products that do not contain palm oil.

Can I, as a customer, suggest new products for them to be included in the boutique vegan range?

We are always happy to receive recommendations and new product suggestions. Please do not hesitate to flick us an email with your latest vegan discovery and fav product. We’d be more than happy to list your favs as long as the products comply with the boutique vegan standards and we can find a suitable supplier.

What do the allergy filter icons mean and where can I find them?

Our allergy filter icons help you to filter your search results for products that you prefer or are compatible with you in case of any food allergy. They also comply with the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation on the occurrence of major food allergens.

All our products are vegan, lactose free, egg free, non-GMO, do not contain animal ingredients nor have been tested on animals.

In addition to the main food allergens, you can filter your search by using other filters. These include filter options such as "organic","sugar free","low carb" or "palm oil free".

All our quick filter options can be found in the individual categories at the centre left on our website directly under the category overview. Find out more about our filter icons and their meaning here.

I'm allergic - how can I exclude products that are associated my food hypersensitivity from the shop’s display?

Did you know that boutique vegan was the first vegan online shop with an integrated allergy filter at the time of its foundation? Your health and well-being has always been priority for us ever since.

To exclude products that contain certain allergens from the display, you can use the integrated allergy filter in our shop. This makes it quick and easy to find the right products.  Our quick filter options can be found in the individual categories in the centre left of our website directly under the category overview. To activate a filter symbol such as "gluten free", simply tick the box and only gluten free items will be displayed. It is possible to activate several allergy filters at the same time.

Discover a detailed explanation of the individual allergy filters here. To be on the safe side, please always thoroughly check the list of ingredients yourself for any potential allergens. We assume no liability for allergic reactions check the list of ingredients for allergens.


Payment, delivery and pickups

How can I pay for my order?

You can conveniently pay either by bank transfer, fast electronic payment, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard & Maestro or by cheque.  Learn more about our payment options.

How much does it cost to deliver?

The delivery costs to European countries outside of Germany vary. Please check our shipping costs and general shipping terms and conditions for further information on the delivery costs for the country you live in.

When do you ship my order?

It is important to us that your order arrives at your doorstep as soon as possible. That's why we process and ship your order immediately after receipt of payment given your ordered products are all in stock. Please note that sometimes there may be delays due to your chosen payment method or depending upon where you live.

Before public holidays and holidays such as Christmas and Easter, our order volume is particularly high. We highly recommend to place your order well in advance so that your treats and goods arrive right on time for you to be able to enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

Find more information about our general shipping terms and conditions here.

What are the delivery times?

Your parcel delivery is carried out by our courier service providers DHL or DPD and the delivery time to different European countries may vary. However, as soon as your parcel leaves our warehouse, we will send you an email with your personal parcel tracking number, allowing you to track the delivery of your parcel at any time. Simply visit the websites of our courier service providers DHL or DPD and enter your tracking number.

What countries does boutique vegan deliver to?   

We only deliver within Europe. Find a list of the countries we deliver to under our shipping information.

Do you have a local shop?

boutique vegan is a purely online-based lifestyle shop without a physical shop for customers to browse through or purchase from. If you live near our office in Sasbach (Ortenaukreis), you can pick up your online ordered goods free of charge yourself after your payment has been processed. Our service opening hours for parcel pick ups are Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm at the following pick up address:

boutique vegan
Klammsbosch 10
77880 Obersasbach

Find more information about self pick up here.

Can I pick up my package myself?

If you’d like to save delivery costs and pick up your order yourself, we look forward to meeting you soon. Just select "Self Pick Up" during checkout. As soon as your order is ready for collection, we’ll send you a confirmation email.  When you arrive at our premises, simply catch one of our service heroes. Our office is directly on the left hand-side of the building at the first entrance area. Our service opening hours for self pick up are from Monday to Thursday between 9am and 3pm at the following address:

boutique vegan
Klammsbosch 10
77880 Obersasbach

What is a thermo box?

A thermo box is an insulation box with thermo inlay* and cooling elements. It provides additional protection when transporting temperature-sensitive refrigerated articles, especially in summer. The size of the thermo box and the number of cooling elements are depend on the quantity of chilled goods. This keeps your food, snacks and drinks fresh and cool!

As our fresh products are stored in our refrigerated warehouse, we highly recommend you to immediately refrigerate them upon receipt of parcel.

Besides, the thermo box can perfectly be re-used, e.g. at your next trip or picnic.

*The PE - PET film and the polyacrylic gel used are non-toxic, certified for direct contact with foods and can be disposed thermally free of harmful substances.

Is your packaging material vegan and recyclable?

Our cartons, cardboard and materials used for packaging can be recycled. For the protection and padding of the goods we use, among other things, packaging chips made from maize, that are not only environmentally friendly but can also easily be composted.


Discounts & promotions

How do I find out about discounts and promotions?

We inform our customers about fantastic offers and discounts through regular newsletters and social media channels. In order to not miss any of it, sign up for the boutique vegan newsletter and follow us in your social networks. Find the social media channels in which we active at the top right on our homepage.

Discounts and vouchers do not apply in conjunction with other vouchers or offers.


Complaints & refunds

How can I get a refund for damaged goods?

Transport can sometimes cause damage to deliveries and products. We very much regret the inconvenience this causes. In this case, please send us an email to info@boutique-vegan.com with your order number, the reason for the complaint and photos of the damaged goods.

Can I cancel an order once I have submitted it?

Yes, it is possible to cancel your order. Please check the conditions in our cancellation policy.

Can I return make-up, cosmetics and body care products?

Due to strict hygiene regulations, we can only take back make up, cosmetics and body care products if they have not been opened yet and are still sealed in their original packaging.

Can I return chilled products and receive a refund?

Chilled products that are returned to us cannot be resold. Therefore, critical and perishable goods such as chilled products are excluded from refunds. Find more information about this in our cancellation policy.


Customer reviews

How can I rate the boutique vegan shop and customer service?

Your opinion is important to us and we appreciate your feedback. There are several ways to rate our service and online shop:

Via Trusted Shops you can rate our goods, delivery and customer service as well as leave a comment in your review.

You have the possibility to rate and review our products in the respective product description by means of stars and comments. Simply log in to your customer account.

Furthermore you have the possibility to rate our service in your social media networks like Google and Facebook. A prerequisite for this is that you have an account in these networks.

Furthermore, we are personally available for you at any time. Please feel free to send us an email with feedback and suggestions to info@boutique-vegan.com.


Technical problems with order placements

What can I do if I encounter technical problems with my order?

If you encounter any difficulties or technical problems during the ordering or payment process, please send a screenshot and a detailed description of the problem to info@boutique-vegan.com. Please also answer the following questions:

On which page or step of the order process does the problem occur?

What did you last click on before the problem occurred?

Is there an error message? If so, what does it say?

Which browser do you use? Popular browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera.

On which device did the problem occur? On a desktop of a notebook or PC? On your smartphone or tablet?

This information is helpful to solve the technical problem and enables our IT heroes to identify and fix the problem as fast as possible. 

However, perhaps the solution is even easier, have you accepted our browser cookies? If not, it's worth a try.


Cooperation with boutique vegan

How can I become involved with boutique vegan as a blogger? 

Are you excited about our products and can't wait to share them with your followers and fans? Then contact us!

We look forward to working with wonderful good-doers to bring about positive change and join forces with real game-changers who share our vision of a sustainable world where everyone makes conscious purchasing decisions that are good for all people, animals and our planet.

Let us know what inspires and drives you and how we can help you going beyond your limits!

In addition to competitions, sponsorships and affiliate programmes, we enjoy working with our partners on a long-term basis. We offer real added value and show the world the importance of this modern, sustainable lifestyle and above all how much fun it is!

Find more information about our Blogger & Ambassador programme here.


My question was not included in the FAQs?

If your question was not included in the FAQs above, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service superheroes. We will be happy to help. You can reach us either via our contact form on our homepage, by email at info@boutique-vegan.com or by phone from Monday to Thursday between 9am and 3pm under the phone number +49 7841 673 11 111.