Buyer protection

We are “Trusted Shops“ Certified


What is the “Trusted Shop” certificate?                                                       

The Trusted Shops certificate is the best-known certification in e-commerce. Trusted Shops is a certification center that is testing online shops on over 100 criteria, such as the protection of data or the reliability of delivery. If a store fulfills this code of conduct, they receive the European Trustmark. Trusted Shops certified over 18,000 online shops which makes them one of the most well-respected certification centers in Europe.

What does this mean for you?

Your needs and the protection of your privacy are our top priorities. Because of being awarded with this certificate, we can ensure a safe and well-protected purchasing experience. It is very important to us to make you feel comfortable throughout the entire time you are interacting on our website. The European Trustmark guarantees that we are a trustworthy shop and that you can enjoy your online experience without facing any privacy risks.

We would appreciate your feedback!

We are continuously working on further developing our service to improve your experiences with our online shop. We would therefore be very grateful if you would share your experiences with boutique vegan. Other buyers also benefit from this, because only YOU can share real experience! You can give us feedback with every order even receive a small thank you for it. It’s worth it!

Trusted Shops Buyer Protection

If you activate the buyer protection of Trusted Shops, your purchases are insured. This means, secure online shopping for you and your money is safe too - no matter which payment method you choose.